Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a robust People, Process and Technology framework that will increase the ability of our customers to participate in planning, problem-solving, and decision-making in order to help better serve our customers.

iTeam believes increased participation promotes: A better understanding of decisions, more ownership of decisions, processes, and changes.


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Why Choose iteam

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Why Choose iTEAM

Integrity and innovation at work

A service needs to answer customer needs. But what do the customers really want?

iTeam believes that a customer wants  to  know  that  their   problem  is  treated  fast,  by somebody they can rely on, while in the same time, attention to detail and that care is shown and understood.


iTeam’s customer loyalty is built on reducing client’s effort, the work they need to perform and not on delighting our customers.

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Why Choose iTEAM

Integrity and innovation at work

Why does iTEAM support and hire Veterans?

Veterans Are Leaders, thanks in part to this wide range of roles and responsibilities, service members often achieve the kind of big-picture perspective that is key to being an effective leader—and they do so relatively early in their careers. “Junior leaders become cross-functional at a very early age,” says Robert, Retired US Marine.

Military careers, he says, “often expose you to a broad set of experiences that you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen.”

In addition, many service members have plenty of experience formally overseeing and developing others. By their early 20s, many of these service members are responsible for the training and employing of teams, as well as the well-being of subordinates, and are accountable for millions of dollars in equipment.

“Once you’ve witnessed what people and teams can achieve with trust, and you’ve been a part of an organization that puts self-interest aside and focuses on achieving an objective, it stays with you.” Says Robert Williams (ret. USMC) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder of iTEAM.


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Why choose iteam

Integrity and innovation at work

iTeam is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalizing their IT experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference. 


Our strong sense of identification with client Information Technology projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they are not yet aware of.


To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to IT and Cyber Security.  

This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interaction with our client’s own teams, and ensure the best value is obtained from their IT budget.  


Our long experience with Information Technology and Cyber security means we have expertise which reaches across several sectors, as well as knowledge of specific protocol, compliance, and government mandates.


But we know that things change, and we are constantly striving to adapt and improve. 


Therefore, iTEAM strive to share our experienced and knowledgeable team consisting of a United states Marine Corps veteran, Information Technology executives and experts from industries with tenured expertise.


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