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The two things organizations are demanding in GRC-related solutions are ease of use as well as relevant analytics and reporting. Organizations need 360° situational awareness of their risks in a context that is meaningful and relevant. iTEAM-- OpenFISMA+ is delivering this ease of use and situational awareness.” 

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So what is OpenFISMA+©?


OpenFISMA+© v6.0  is a powerful workflow-based application that  helps to keep track of your security related processes and tasks.

Telesis developed OpenFISMA+© to automate the management of the multitude of tasks and requirements inherent in maintaining an effective, compliant security program.


It has the capability to automate the requirements across multiple frameworks such as (FISMA, CMMC or ISO) and simplify the routine security management tasks.


The application has three (3) basic modules - Vulnerability Module, Security Assessment and Authorization Module and the Findings Module (POA&Ms) and significantly reduces the manhours required  to proactively manage the many resource-intensive compliance tasks while providing customer insight in real time via a dashboard view.


iTEAM Slick_V1_Updated_2021 Feb_RJW_Page
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